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How Did Glenn Beck Become The Conservative Voice Of Reason On Donald Trump?

Nobody captures just how dysfunctional and divisive the Republican Party has become under Donald Trump - and how insane the 2016 election has become - quite like Glenn Beck. Last weekend, the conservative commentator turned heads when he offered a backhanded endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Facebook.

"It is not acceptable to ask a moral, dignified man to cast his vote to help elect an immoral man who is absent decency or dignity," Beck wrote in reference to Trump's disturbing remarks about women. "If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it. At least it is a moral, ethical choice."

Now to be clear, Beck wasn't throwing his support behind the Democratic nominee. He was calling on conservatives to make their peace with a Clinton presidency and ready themselves to fight her political agenda.

"If she is elected, the world does not end...Once elected, Hillary can be fought. Her tactics are blatant and juvenile, and battling her by means of political and procedural maneuvering or through the media  through public marches and online articles, all of that will be moral, worthy of man of principal. Her nominees can be blocked, her proposed laws voted down."

So he's actually endorsing four to eight years of dysfunctional government. But that, he argues, is preferable to what could happen to America under Trump. 

"The alternative [to Clinton] does not offer a moral person the same opportunity. If one helps to elect an immoral man to the highest office, then one is merely validating his immorality, lewdness, and depravity."

And it's hard to disagree with him there - even if taking sides against Beck has become an involuntary reflex.

But it's not what Beck said that's really important. It's the fact that he's the one saying.

Glenn Beck is the guy who claimed Barack Obama was racist against white people and white culture, accused Al Gore of using climate change as a ploy to take over the world, and drew so many comparisons between his political enemies and the Nazis that the a group of 400 rabbis once admonished Beck for diminishing the memory and the meaning of the holocaust. 

So the fact that Beck has now become the voice of reason for conservative Americans shows just how insane the 2016 election has become.

Banner photo: Donald Trump speaks during a rally in California. (Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock)

h/t CBS News, PBS, The Guardian.


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