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Girl Scout Cookies And Other 'Kid-Friendly' Strain Names Now Banned In Oregon

Unless you're talking about a munchies-inspired craving for the beloved doorstep desserts themselves, prepare to nix Girl Scout Cookies from your cannabis vocabulary. 

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) has announced that “kid-friendly” strain names will be banned in the recreational market – effective immediately. That includes popular strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Cinderella 99, Candyland, Grape Ape, Charlotte’s Web, and Skywalker OG. In total, the bans covers about 20 strain names.  

The rule comes with strict packaging requirements limiting colorful or cartoon-like designs. These new regulations have been introduced despite the fact that in Oregon, recreational cannabis is only sold to those who are 21 and older in facilities 1,000 feet away from schools or parks, where all products come in child-resistant packaging.

In its announcement, the OLCC made clear that the strains themselves are not banned, but rather, that the names on the labels must be changed.

Allie Beckett of notes that alcohol products that could be appealing to children, such as Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka and PB&J Vodka, are still very much permitted on commercial shelves.

“Don’t get me wrong, the argument of protecting children from potentially dangerous substances is completely legitimate…But these industries should be treated equally and alcohol needs to be held to the same standard as cannabis,” says Beckett.

Beckett adds that these naming issues likely stretch beyond a concern for children’s safety, stating that “these new regulations are suspiciously close to trademark infringement protection - a common topic in the less-than-regulated cannabis world.” Due to the fact that all of these strains were made in an underground culture, consideration wasn’t necessarily given to international trademarks of mega-corporations like Disney.

“This small state law could be setting the nation up for something more significant,” says Beckett. “A nationwide regulated market will not tolerate strains named after trademarked characters such as Cinderella, Dr. Who, and Bruce Banner.”

Banner photo: Girls Scout Cookie strain (Canna Obscura/Shutterstock).



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