You Could Get Paid $120,000 to Stay at a Bunch of Mexican Resorts for One Year

Everyone's dream is to stay at home and get paid to do nothing. Well now you'll have the opportunity for something better: getting paid to go on vacation.

Vidanta, a collection of luxury hotels in Mexico, announced a new brand ambassador position that will pay someone $120,000 per year plus travel expenses to stay at some of the best resorts the country has to offer. You'll get access to spas, gourmet dinners, incredible entertainment and everything these resorts have to offer. And again, someone is PAYING YOU to do so.

"It’s an understatement when we say that the 'perks' of this position are endless," said Iván Chávez, executive vice president of Grupo Vidanta. "The lucky applicant will fully immerse themselves in each of our resort destinations; from uncovering ancient Mayan ruins, hidden eateries, and underwater cenotes to discovering the hottest new restaurants and nightclubs."

Of course, there is a little work involved. During your trips and adventures, you will have to collect content to be used for the Vidanta social media pages. Still, a pretty small price to pay to live the luxury lifestyle for a year.

The job is even being posted on a website called "World's Best Job," and frankly I'm not sure I can argue against it.

(h/t Travel and Leisure)


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