'Get Off Your Duffs and Act' On Marijuana Reform, Georgia Republican Tells Congress

The Georgia House of Representatives’ feelings on medical cannabis can be summed up by the comment made by Health and Human Services Committee Chairwoman Sharon Cooper (R), who says it’s time for Congress to “get off their duffs and act” on marijuana reform.

On March 15 the House passed a resolution asking Congress to re-classify cannabis’ legal status as a substance with medical potential. Right now, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no medical benefits and is as dangerous as heroin, according to the federal government. The Schedule I status also makes studying cannabis extremely difficult because of the red tape involved in applying to research the plant. 

Rep. Cooper hopes that re-classifying will allow more researchers to thoroughly study the medical properties of marijuana. “I’m really tired off us not being able to know if marijuana oil really works. Which diseases does it work with, which ones does it not work with if it’s effective,” she said after the resolution passed.

While cannabis oil has been legal for patients with certain conditions in Georgia since 2015, it continues to be difficult to obtain. Currently, it is illegal to transport or purchase medical marijuana in Georgia, and the cultivation and distribution sectors have hit roadblocks recently as well. A study committee has been planned to assess this issues later this year.

h/t Politically Georgia


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