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Teenager Who Needs Marijuana for Seizures Finally Reunited With Family After Getting Taken Away by the State

In April, the state of Georgia stripped two parents of custody of their son after they learned they provided him with cannabis to help treat his seizures. Now their son has been returned, but there's still plenty of unknowns.

About nine weeks ago Suzeanna and Matthew Brill were arrested and jailed for six days after authorities learned they had given their son David cannabis. David suffered from debilitating seizures, and the Brills had tried every other form of medication to treat it. Once they started giving David cannabis, he went 71 days without a seizure. 

The state of Georgia then stripped them of custody and David was sent to live with strangers as the legal battle played out. 

The story drew attention from across America as cannabis activists criticized the state for removing the child from his parents who were only trying to prevent him from having more seizures. In fact, 14 hours after David was removed from his home, he had his first seizure in 71 days. The family described it as the worst seizure of his entire life.

The Brills received over $60,000 in donations to help get their son back, and on Monday the family reached an agreement with the state that will allow David to return home, but a protective order will still be in place.

David will not be allowed to use marijuana as he was before. Instead, he's been prescribed Epidiolex, the recently FDA approved cannabis-based drug that's supposed to be effective at treating seizures. 

You know there's something wrong with the law when trying to save your child's life ends with you getting arrested.

(h/t Atlanta-Journal Constitution)


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