Georgia Football Player Who Needs CBD to Control Seizures Commits to Auburn

We often hear about how medical marijuana allows people to control their conditions and succeed in life. But this may be the first story of someone who needed marijuana to pursue their sports dream.

CJ Harris is a senior at Warner Robins High School in Georgia who recently earned a guaranteed spot on the Auburn Tigers football team, a prominent college football program, as a preferred walk-on. For most people this wouldn't necessarily be an important story, but Harris took an unusual route to college football. 

Harris suffers from a seizure disorder that was causing him to have episodes two to three times each month last year. He was prescribed anti-convulsant medication, but it didn't seem to work. It seemed like he would have to give up his athletic career.

But then Harris began taking cannabis oil to control his symptoms. He takes the oil every six hours and has been seizure free for over a year. He was able to return to the football field and now will get to go to college at one of the most prestigious athletic programs in the country.

Harris' story has also become prominent because several Georgia politicians have told his story to help garner support for a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state.

Wait, I thought marijuana was supposed to stop people from unlocking their full potential? Is that another marijuana myth busted?

(h/t Ledger-Enquirer)


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