Celebrate George Harrison's Birthday With The Vinyl Rerelease Of His Solo Discography

George Harrison's legacy as a solo musician will always be overshadowed by his career with The Beatles, which is a shame because he released more than a dozen albums with huge hits after the Fab Four disbanded in 1970. If you haven't heard any of those, now's your chance.  

To celebrate the late rock icon's 74th birthday today, his estate is releasing a special edition of his records called 'George Harrison - The Vinyl Collection'. The rerelease features all 13 of his albums, beginning with 1968 movie soundtrack 'Wonderwall Music' to his posthumous album 'Brainwashed' (2002). It also includes his 'Live in Japan' double album (1992).

Unfortunately, it doesn't include The Concert for Bangladesh triple album, featuring Harrison, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar and others performing live. But the new vinyl collection does come with two 12-inch picture discs featuring the singles 'Got My Mind Set on You' (1987) and 'When We Was Fab' (1988).

All of the discs are pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl, using newly remastered cuts of the original recordings. And if you need something to play them on, you can also pick up a limited edition Harrison-themed turntable.

Here's the vinyl rerelease's teaser trailer.


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