Gene Simmons Just Changed His Stance on Marijuana Legalization

Gene Simmons is a legendary rock musician who also used to harbor anti-marijuana sentiments. But the KISS bassist now says he's evolved on cannabis.

Simmons recently began working with a Canadian cannabis company called Invictus MD. Simmons is famously anti-drug and says he's never used any narcotics nor drank alcohol. But now he says he doesn't consider marijuana to be in the same class as other drugs.

“I was one of those people who said cannabis is the same thing as heroin,” Simmons told High Times. “But it’s not! We’re told by researchers every single day that there is not only medical value in cannabis, but even miraculous results from cannabis-based products.”

Simmons says he began to change his mind when he learned about the various medical benefits of cannabis, particularly its ability to treat people with epilepsy and similar disorders. He also believes it's hypocritical for the government to approve of people smoking cigarettes, which have documented negative health impacts, but not marijuana.

“People are allowed to smoke cigarettes and governments are constantly lowering the age at which people can smoke; they will allow you to play Russian roulette with your goddamn health and possibly die miserably, horribly, painfully, but they won’t let people use cannabis," Simmons said.

Simmons also revealed that KISS will headline a cannabis-themed music festival in the near future.

If we can convince Gene Simmons to change his mind, then we can probably convince anyone that marijuana is okay!

(h/t High Times)


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