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Gene Simmons Reveals What Changed His Mind About Medical Marijuana

KISS bassist and business mogul Gene Simmons has long been known for his outspoken condemnation of recreational drug consumption in the past. These days, however, he has softened his stance on at least one popular drug: cannabis.

"Historically, I have to say I was completely wrong about the entire space," Simmons told SmallCapPower. "I thought cannabis was for stoners and losers and all that, and slowly but surely, over the years, the amount of research that I saw just blew me away....Seeing little girls who suffer from epilepsy rubbing a salve, not on the inside but outside of their body and seemingly miraculously getting cured made me take stock."

He now believes marijuana can be a lifesaving medication for some people. And to help spread the word, Simmons announced last March that he would be working in the cannabis space as the Chief Evangelical Officer of the Canadian medical marijuana producer Invictus MD. While talking up the benefits of medical cannabis, Simmons is also taking aim at opponents of legalization - especially the pharmaceutical industry.

Simmons recently claimed that Big Pharma doesn't like cannabis too much "because cannabis, in its various forms, is actually gonna help people."

"Generally, the cannabis space, I think, is gonna be good for humanity," said Simmons.

And while he doesn't exactly endorse recreational use, he does recognize that it is much safer than other vices - like tobacco.

"Cannabis is certainly much better than cigarettes, which might give you cancer. This other thing, even as a recreational item, might give you the munchies. Let me see: I get the munchies or I might get cancer?"

That's a pretty big 180 from when he used to tell his kids they would be cut from his will and forced to dig ditches if he ever caught them smoking pot.

H/T: Blabbermouth


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