Gayle King Reveals Oprah Winfrey Smokes Marijuana

Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest and most powerful women in the entire world. And it turns out she may also be the richest marijuana-smoker in the world as well.

Winfrey's best friend and CBS News anchor Gayle King went on the Ellen Degeneres Show recently, where she began discussing a conversation she had about marijuana with comedian Amy Schumer. King said that while she has never used cannabis, the same could not be said about her BFF.

“Oprah has also smoked a little marijuana, too. I don’t mind saying that,” King said. “I’m not telling tales out of school.”

While King was apparently totally fine revealing Winfrey's marijuana use, she wouldn't give any more details.

"I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate her," King said when pressed for details. "It’s not something that happens on a regular — I’m going to change the subject.”

To be fair, Winfrey had previously admitted to using marijuana. In a 2015 interview with David Letterman, Winfrey admitted that she had smoked marijuana in the past, but hadn't done so for 30 years. Although the fact that King says, "It's not something that happens on a regular," seems to possibly imply that Winfrey may not have given it up 30 years ago like she told Letterman.

Now that more states are legalizing marijuana, maybe Oprah will add cannabis to her business empire.

(h/t SFGate)


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