Gary Oldman's Top 5 Celebrity Impersonations

Gary Oldman is best known for disappearing into his roles. So it's not surprising that the British actor - who turns 59 today - is also a master impersonator. Here are Gary Oldman's top five celebrity impersonations, in chronological order.

1. Sid Vicious

One of Oldman's earliest film roles was also one of his very best impersonations. In 1986 he starred as Sid Vicious - the infamous Sex Pistols bassist - in the biopic 'Sid and Nancy'. His portrayal included a rendition of Sid's satirical cover of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way'. 

2. Anthony Hopkins

In the early 90s, Sir Anthony Hopkins once told Oldman that he saw a bit of himself in the rising star. And when a reporter repeated Hopkins' praise, Oldman couldn't help but imitate his 'Dracula' (1992) co-star

3. The Beatles

While promoting the espionage thriller 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' in 2011, Oldman kept the mood light during one interview by breaking out his impression of all four Beatles. It's hard to say if his side-mouth-speaking George Harrison or his goofy Paul McCartney is best.

4. Elvis

Oldman played a trigger-happy Elvis impersonator in the direct-to-DVD movie 'Guns, Girls and Gambling' (2012). The film probably isn't for you unless you're a huge fan of schlocky B-movies. But Oldman's take on a gun-toting Elvis is entertaining enough to make the trailer worth watching. 

5. Robert de Niro

During a 2015 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Oldman kept the studio entertained during a commercial break by doing his Robert de Niro impersonation. It was so good that Kimmel asked him to do it again for fans at home, so Oldman repaid the compliment by plugging Kimmel's show and trashing rival Jimmy Fallon in character.  

Gary Oldman imitation Robert de Niro

Bonus: Churchill

Oldman's best impersonation might be yet to come. This fall, he'll star as Winston Churchill in the biopic 'Darkest Hour'. And based on a photo of him in character, it looks like Oldman might finally nab an Academy Award with this part.


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