There are three types of people who use Twitter: Alt-right Donald Trump supporters, left-wing people mocking alt-right Trump supporters and stoners. Only the last of those three groups is actually worth following. If you don't believe us, check out some of the funniest weed tweets of all time.

1. Who says marijuana doesn't help teach math?

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2. How Coloradans celebrate holidays

3. A universal experience

4. Winning

5. Those are the rules

6. Netflix and chill

7. Modern sun dial

 8. That's...a good point

9. Procrastination

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10. Sound logic

11. We all know that person

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12. Definitely going to use this one

13. Side effects of marijuana

14. When your dealer's trying to be subtle

15. Lion King 2017 Remake

16. Are dogs really Man's Best Friend?

17. Define "active"

18. When your wife's a narc

19. Law & Order: Special Marijuana Unit

20. United States Logic