7 Funniest Marijuana Themed Christmas Decorations

Since Thanksgiving has now past, that means we're officially in the Christmas season. You'll see places starting putting up their decorations, radio stations will be playing all the same songs they've played for the past 40 years and everyone will eagerly await their incoming presents. But there is one way to spice up your holiday season: adding marijuana.

Here are the seven funniest Christmas decorations we found for this holiday season:

1. Stoner Santa

stoner santa

He’s making a list and checking it twice, because he got so stoned he couldn’t remember if he checked it the first time!

Available here.

2. Let’s Get Baked

lets get baked

Do Christmas sweaters count as decorations? They are decorating your body, so we say yes! And if so, this one is awesome!

Available here.

3. THC Molecule

thc molecule

This is a good secret weed ornament. It’s a actually a representation of the chemical molecule for THC, but you can just claim it’s some other science-y thing so your grandma doesn’t get upset.

Available here.

4. Christmas Tree Getting Lit

tree getting lit

Who says 4/20 is the only day of the year people can get lit?

Available here.

5. Annual Deaths from Marijuana

annual deaths from marijuana2

This one’s a bit more political, but it will help you if you end up getting into a marijuana legalization debate on Christmas Eve.

Available here.

6. Stoner Santa 2

stoner santa 2

The only way to make Santa cooler is to give him some awesome shades and a marijuana leaf beard.

Available here.

7. Drug of Choice

drug of choice2

This is another ornament you probably don’t want Grandma to see, unless you want a lecture about the true meaning of Christmas.

Available here.


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