10 Funniest Marijuana Strains for April Fool's Day

This Sunday is two important holidays: Easter and April Fool’s Day. Unfortunately, there are not many marijuana strains that are dedicated to the resurrection of the Christian messiah. But there are plenty related to pranks and other funny things!

Here are the 10 funniest marijuana strains that are perfect for April Fool’s Day:

10. Fool’s Gold

It may not be the funniest name, but Fool’s Gold is certainly the most appropriately named strain for April Fool’s Day. You could even tell your friends it’s a different kind of strain, and trick them when they get a hit of the skunky smell of Fool’s Gold.

9. Laughing Buddha

Another appropriately named marijuana strain, Laughing Buddha is also an excellent choice for a day dedicated to pranks and jokes. It’s know to induce happy and silly feelings in people that will have them laughing non-stop for hours.

8. Purple Monkey Balls

When you tell your friends that the strain you’re giving them is Purple Monkey Balls, they’ll think you’re pulling a prank on them.

7. Poochie Love

We assume it’s named after the iconic Simpsons episode where Homer plays Poochie on the Itchy and Scratchy Show.

6. Purple Urkle

Steve Urkle is either the funniest or most annoying sitcom character in history, depending on your opinion. But this marijuana is good regardless of taste.

5. Dopium

Not only is it a good pun name, but if you say the “D” really quiet, your friends may think you’re offering them opium, which could be a good prank.

4. Bob Saget OG

There’s nothing funnier than hitting a guy in the balls, which is what about 75 percent of the content on America’s Funniest Home Videos. So why not honor the show’s host on a day dedicated to those types of antics?

3. Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

If you had to fight a crouching tiger or a hidden alien, which would you choose?

2. White Girl OG

The perfect strain for any “basic” white girls in your life.

1. Alaskan Thunderf***

A strain so nice, you can’t even type it out fully.


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