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10 Funniest Marijuana Scenes in Movie History

Some of the best comedies of all time involve stoners and marijuana. And some of them are even made by people other than Seth Rogen. But how often does the comedy come from the stoners as opposed to coming from getting stoned?

Here are the 10 funniest scenes of people smoking marijuana in movie history.

10. The Big Lebowski – Car Crash

Basically, you could put the entirety of The Big Lebowski on this list, considering “The Dude” is probably the greatest stoner in movie history. But the scene where the Dude drops a joint on his pants while driving is hilarious, if only for Jeff Bridges’ screech as he tries to put it out.

9. Ted – Girlfriend Guessing Game

Ted isn’t necessarily the greatest comedy ever made, but it has enough laughs that if it comes up on cable and there’s nothing on, you’ll watch it and mostly enjoy yourself. But this scene where John tries to guess Ted’s girlfriend’s name while they hit a bong is actually pretty great.

8. True Romance – Floyd

Before Brad Pitt became “Brad Pitt,” he was just a small supporting role as Floyd the stoner in True Romance. After watching this scene, it’s a shame that Pitt doesn’t do comedies anymore.

7. Half Baked – Wire Scene

Most people today realize that Half Baked is actually a really good stoner comedy. But the best scene is when the gang tries to catch a drug kingpin on a wire. It’s too bad people didn’t realize how great this was at the time.

6. Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Driving

Jeff Spicoli is both one of movie history’s greatest stoners as well as one of the best comedy characters ever. One of the best scenes from the movie shows Spicoli driving around while smoking a blunt with his friend. We definitely don’t recommend you follow in his footsteps.

5. Caddyshack – Playing Through

Caddyshack features both Bill Murray and Chevy Chase at the height of their comedic powers. And yet the movie features only one scene featuring both of them together (most likely due to rumors that the two of them can’t stand each other). But they both smoke a ridiculously large blunt in the scene, so it’s worth it.

4. Animal House – Smoking Pot with the Professor

Even though Animal House came out in 1978 and is about fraternities in 1962, it’s still just as relevant to college life today. Particularly the scene where the students smoke pot with their professor and begin philosophizing about the nature of our universe. Anyone who’s ever toked up with an “intellectual” can relate.

3. Friday – Puff, Puff, Give

Friday both proved Ice Cube could be an actor as well as spawn a million memes. But everyone’s gotta remember the rotation: Puff, Puff, Give.

2. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle – Marijuana Kills

It’s probably too early to determine whether Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle will end up being remembered as a stoner classic or just another comedy. But there are great scenes in it, like the part where the two main characters smoke a joint and watch a ridiculous anti-marijuana ad.

1. Walk Hard – Smoking Reefers

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story is basically an SNL Digital Short that someone decided to turn into a feature-length movie. It’s not great. But there is a hilarious scene where Tim Meadows tries to convince John C. Reilly not to smoke “reefers” by describing all the great aspects of marijuana.


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