This Is Happens When You Fuel a Car with Coca Cola

TechRax is a YouTube channel that has been “Smashing technology since 2011.” Most of the videos involve destroying an iPhone or other devices by conducting unusual experiments. The channel started more as a tech blog, but transformed into tech destruction videos after the success of the first destruction video, “iPhone 5 Hammer Smash Drop Test -Episode #1”. This was the first episode of the iPhone durability series, which features other destruction videos that pit the smartphone against a drill, gun, lava lamp, chainsaw, and other forms of destruction. Other videos on the channel demonstrate different science and technology experiments on a much bigger scale than the iPhone, which includes cars, giant pools, molten aluminum, and more.

In one of these different types of experiments, TechRax attempts to drive a car fueled by Coca-Cola. The 2003 BMW 325i is filled with a two liter bottle of coke in an attempt to see if Coke will save drivers money on gas. At first, the Coke-fueled car drives normally, but quickly begins to make unusual noises when the “Service Engine Soon” light turns on, at which point the car refuses to turn on. The damage cost over $1,000 to repair, proving that Coca-Cola is only made to be consumed by humans, not cars.


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