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Fruit Slabs Are The Edible That Lets You Feel Like A Kid And Snack Like An Adult

Anyone feeling nostalgic for their school days should check out Fruit Slabs. The new cannabis-infused snack is a fruit leather that is wound up on a paper tape just like Fruit-By-the-Foot. When you open the package, you can practically feel the crinkle of your old lunch sack and hear the recess bell about to ding.

Unlike the fruit snacks of your childhood, however, Fruit Slabs are totally vegan, organic, gluten-free, and contain no processed sugars. Also unlike your grade school lunch desert, these fruit leathers will get you high. Each package contains 100 mg of THC, dosed out conveniently in 10 mg amounts, each on its own fold of the paper tape.

“It’s like a healthy adult version of a fruit roll up,” Roxanne Dennant - co-creator of Fruit Slabs - told Civilized. She added that the idea for medicated fruit leathers occurred to her when she noticed a gap in cannabis edibles geared toward toward healthy lifestyles.

“I love yoga. I love being active. I’m all about health and wellness, and there was nothing speaking to me,” Dennant explained. “I saw a need for it in the market, and in the personal space, too.”

Once she realized she wanted to create a healthy, vegan edible, Dennnant turned to a friend who had been making a “virgin” version of fruit leather for years. The result was a product that could be consumed by cannabis aficionados with virtually any dietary restriction: be that vegan, gluten-free or an inability to eat processed sugars.

Fruit Slabs come in four flavors: OG Mango, Mango Maui Wowie, Grandaddy Grape, and Tropical Haze. And each has slightly different affects, according to consumer reviews. 

Although the distillate is the same in each product, customers have reported that different Fruit Slabs make them sleepy or upbeat. That difference stems from the natural ingredients, Dennant explained. Fruits have their own terpenes, which interact with the Fruit Slabs' other ingredients to create distinct cannabis experiences.

The Grandaddy Grape variety, for example, works wonders for catching a good night’s sleep. “Insomniacs have been having the greatest level of success,” said Dennant. After doing some research, she found that “There’s a monoterpene inside of grapes that’s a stronger couch lock, a stronger sleep effect than the myrcene in mangos,” which is a terpene that has been shown to bring about relaxing effects in mice.

Those unexpected results have led the Fruit Slabs team to experiment with other fruits to find out how their interaction with cannabis can enhance the consumer's experience. 

“Our production manager is getting his hands into all sorts of fruits — champagne grapes and weird nuance-y fruits that are maybe more specific to an area,” explained Dennant.

Though Fruit Slabs are currently only available in California, she anticipates a future where the snacks will incorporate regional produce. “There are certain fruits that grow in Oregon or Washington, so once we start to go into those states, we’ll develop the product that’s more directed toward that demographic.”

That expansion will likely happen sooner than later now that the company has passed California's strict compliance standards for cannabis products. “We’ve just been grinding. —now the industry is stabilizing, July 1st has passed. It was crazy the last six months of last year, and the first six months of this year.”

And Dennant is setting her sights on one particular demographic that could benefit from trying cannabis edibles like Fruit Slabs. 

“My dream target demographic is the Oklahoma City soccer mom who doesn’t know that cannabis is her best friend, and is taking Xanax to sleep, and she’s on Zoloft and has a prescription case full of things. Then she can find cannabis, and have it be healthy, and have it be a beautiful package.”

Hopefully someday soon, that soccer mom will be able to pack a treat like Fruit Slabs into her own sack lunch.


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