Searching For A Halloween Costume? Ask Google, Of Course

Need an idea for a last-minute Halloween costume? Google's here to help with " Frightgeist," a new Trends tool that analyzes the site's three-billion daily searches and determines which costumes are trending locally and nationally.

In California, the Addams Family and Ninja Turtles will haunt many Halloween parties. In Texas, you'll likely see Boba Fett clones doing the Thriller dance with Harley Quinn lookalikes. Legions of Stormtroopers will invade the streets of Spokane, Washington. And the demented doll Chucky will terrorize trick-or-treaters in Juneau, Alaska.

The list of spooky outfits also includes a 10-year trend report on each costume's* changing* popularity.

By clicking "Show Something Less Popular," Google will generate a suggestion that you're less likely to see. So whether you want to blend in or stand out, check out Frightgeist for costume tips.



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