New Study Finds a Frightening Percentage of Americans Don't Exercise Enough

If you're an American, a new study says you almost certainly don't exercise enough.

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that only 22.9 percent of Americans ages 18 to 64 meet the criteria for recommended exercise each week. The suggested times are 150 minutes of "moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity" or 75 minutes of "vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity" per week. The study found 27.2 percent of men fit that criteria, and only 18.7 percent of women.

The CDC also released a map showing what percentage of people in each state met the suggested criteria. The state of Colorado finished first with 32.5 percent of their population meeting the recommended exercise time, about 10 percent more than the national average. The lowest was Mississippi with only 13.5 percent of people hitting the recommended goals.

cdc exercise map

The CDC did note, however, that their statistics were purely based off leisure exercise. They did not look into whether people had physically demanding jobs or if they ran or rode their bike to work. Many people who do those things may not exercise in their leisure time but would still probably be considered to have a healthy lifestyle.

But still, there's no way 75 percent of the country works in manual labor or bikes to work for exercise. Time to get off the couch, America!

(h/t Mental Floss)


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