Friday Is The Most Popular Day To Buy Cannabis

A new study has shown once and for all that Friday is indeed the high point of the week for many Americans - at least those from the legal market in Washington state.

The report from Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm Headset found that Friday is the most popular day for people to buy marijuana. Recreational marijuana buyers spent an average of $31.18 on Fridays in August, with Saturdays coming in at a close second at $30.21. On Thursdays, they spent $29.66.

The busiest times for buying were between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., at which time 28 percent of purchases took place. The second-highest traffic time was between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., when 25 percent of purchases took place.

The report was conducted with data from marijuana shops’ point-of-sale systems. It analyzed sales in terms of “baskets”, orders similar to grocery store shopping, which allowed Headset to account for purchases of marijuana-based products like drinks and edibles.

The average basket cost $29.64, and just over half of those orders were single item purchases. The median basket cost was a little over $20, meaning the average was driven by larger baskets. The majority of baskets cost between $5 and $10, and these purchases accounted for roughly one fifth of all orders. Baskets that cost more than $75 accounted for roughly six per cent of all purchases, most of which cost up to $100.

The report was released not long after another Headset study indicated that Canadians don’t spend near the same amount on booze as Americans do on marijuana. The average cannabis consumer in the U.S. spends about $850 per year on cannabis, compared to the roughly $700 Canadians spend on alcohol every year.

h/t Huffington Post


Bernadette McCready, 42, of Airdrie, Scotland, said she was prevented from accessing vital health services once she revealed her cannabis use. McCready had gone to the Royal Alexandra Hospital last June for a surgery. However, physicians told her she needed to leave after she disclosed she had been using cannabis oil to help treat symptoms related to a hysterectomy she had in 2012.

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