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Frequently Asked Question About Smoking for the First Time

Smoking cannabis for the first time can be nerve-wracking for some people while others take their first toke without a hitch, but just like any new experience, your first time puffing on marijuana will inspire many questions. Much of the general ignorance that surrounds smoking of cannabis stems from a lack of widespread scientific information and education on the subject; an unfortunate result of the herb's prohibition in America and throughout the world.

But times are changing, and as more people become accepting of marijuana and want to try it, they are asking questions about smoking cannabis more often than ever. If you or someone you love is getting ready to smoke cannabis for the first time, prepare for some (or all) of the frequently asked questions we've listed for you here to arise. Don't worry, everyone who smokes cannabis regularly has asked these same questions at least once.

1. Should I smoke cannabis alone or with other people? 
You should smoke cannabis for the first time with people you trust and in an environment where you feel comfortable and safe.

2. How can I smoke cannabis? 
If you don't want to roll a joint, use a pipe, bong, or vaporizer.

3. What will “getting high” from smoking cannabis feel like? 
Everyone experiences the effects of cannabis differently, but you will most likely feel relaxed and euphoric.

4. Where do I go to safely buy cannabis? 
Only buy cannabis from a reputable dispensary.

5. Will I “get the munchies” or “cotton mouth” when I smoke?
 Yes, so stock up on water, your favorite drinks and a variety of your go-to snacks.

6. What should I do while I'm high?
 Whatever you like to do while you're sober; watch movies, play games, create artwork – the possibilities are endless.

7. What's the worst that could happen after smoking cannabis?  Can I overdose on cannabis? 
No one has ever experienced any physical harm from consuming too much cannabis, but some people (particularly those new to marijuana) can experience extreme anxiety if they take too much.

8. How long will my “high” from smoking cannabis last? 
Expect your first experience to last no more than a few hours.


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