The Drug That Left A French Test Subject Brain Dead Wasn't Cannabis

Many news organizations rushed to report on a drug trial in France that went horribly wrong, leaving six hospitalized, including one man described as "brain dead."

Some early reports of the unfortunate incident indicated that the drug being used in the trial contained cannabidiol (CBD), an active cannabinoid found in cannabis.

French Health Minister Marisol Touraine held a press conference in Rennes today vowing "to get to the bottom of this tragic incident." But she has already determined one thing: the drug is not related to cannabis and did not contain CBD.

The drug being tested, developed by a Portuguese pharmaceutical company named Bial, was intended to be administered orally and was reported to be in testing for use in combatting degenerative diseases.

h/t WSJ, CBC


Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida wants lawmakers to grow up and start let researchers study cannabis. "A lot of the older Republicans say, 'Well, there's not enough research to justify rescheduling,' and then they stand in the way of the research," Gaetz told Fox Business.

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