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Fran Drescher, Former Star Of 'The Nanny', Is Now A Cannabis Advocate

After being fired from her cosmetics job and finishing up her nannying duties, it now looks like Fran Fine is dipping her toes into cannabis advocacy.

Speaking to Forbes magazine ahead of the her talk at the Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, Oregon, actress Fran Drescher, star of the hit 90s sitcom 'The Nanny', discussed how she felt cannabis and alternative medicine had helped her while she was battling uterine cancer.

She also related how the substance had helped her father, who she said suffered from a serious neurological disorder.

"He went from having that expressionless look that Parkinson's patients often get where it's kind of a dull life, to a positive reaction within seconds upon using cannabis," she said. "His whole face became animated, his voice became strong, his eyes opened up, and my dad was back to being himself."

Her introduction to cannabis was closely aligned with her overall sense of personal wellness, much of which differs from what she considers mainstream "western medicine."

"We've been told we don't need to eat cannabinoid and uh, so, you know…I think that everything old is new again and I think it's so we can challenge what we're told during the industrial revolution, and really start to question whether it's the truth or whether it was motivated by greed."

Well, regardless, it’s always good to have another recognizable voice supporting the legitimization of medicinal cannabis.


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