Fox is in Talks to Bring Back 'King of the Hill'

Everyone complains about how the only movies being made nowadays are sequels and reboots. But it's not just the big screen that's being deluged with reboots. In the past year, we've seen 24Will and GraceAmerican Idol and more return to television after extended absences. And it looks like that trend will continue over at Fox with one of its most popular animated programs: King of the Hill.

According to Variety, Fox is currently in "preliminary conversations" about reviving King of the Hill. The show aired 259 episodes from 1997 to 2009 and won two Emmy awards during its run. It also held the title as the second-longest airing animated program during its run. 

Variety says executives from Fox approached the show's co-creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge about the possibility of reviving the series. Supposedly both Daniels and Judge were excited about the possibility. 

One of the biggest obstacles for the show will be finding time for Daniels and Judge to actually work on the show. Both are involved in producing other shows at the moment. Judge is an executive producer on the HBO comedy Silicon Valley and Daniels is an executive producer on the TBS show People of Earth and is working on an upcoming FX show starring Louis C.K. and Albert Brooks. Obviously Judge is slightly more important considering he, you know, played the main character of the show.

Maybe bringing back King of the Hill will allow Fox to give The Simpsons the merciful death it deserved several years ago.


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