Fox News Displays Mistimed Graphic That Says They're the Least Trusted News Network

Fox News is known for spreading lies and misinformation to support the Republican agenda. But recently the network actually showed some accurate information. Unfortunately for them, it was about how terrible they are.

On Sunday Fox News host Howard Kurtz was discussing social media, Donald Trump and news networks. During the conversation, Kurtz put up a graphic about how many Americans trust the three major news networks (CNN, MSNBC and Fox News), and the results showed that Fox News was clearly in last place.

fox news least trusted network

As you can see, Fox News came in last place among the three networks for who Americans trust. Ironically, Americans also said they trust Trump less than those networks, which is pretty concerning if you're the president.

Originally, outlets were reporting that Fox News accidentally showed this graphic, but Kurtz says he always planned to put it up but they originally showed it at the wrong time during the show, and they did display it again later at the correct time. 

Either way, you can't feel great if you work at Fox News and see this graphic. 

Unfortunately for the United States, President Donald Trump is in the 30 percent who trusts Fox News the most.

(h/t Mashable)


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