Fox News Runs Ridiculously Fact-Free Segment on Marijuana

Anyone who expects to find in-depth and accurate reporting on Fox News is sure to be disappointed. But a recent segment on Fox & Friends regarding marijuana was ridiculous even by Fox News standards.

Yesterday Fox & Friends had a Florida sheriff Grady Judd on as a guest to discuss marijuana. The segment was initially about a 12-year-old that brought THC-laced gummies to school, but quickly moved to the hosts and guest presenting multiple falsehoods about cannabis. During the segment, the hosts said marijuana was addicting, is a major, violent felony, kills people every day in America, is a gateway drug and is used by meth addicts to kill themselves or someone else.

Obviously we don't have to go over all the reasons why this is wrong, but to start with marijuana can't kill people. There are literally no recorded deaths as a result of marijuana use, so simply stating this is a complete lie. In fact, most studies show that states with legalized marijuana have lower rates of drug overdoses than states that do not. So even if the idea that marijuana is a gateway to other drugs, which then leads to overdoses is simply false.

Considering most polls show that marijuana legalization is popular among all demographics, including Republican voters, it isn't really a big deal that Fox News would air this segment. It simply shows how out-of-touch they are with most Americans. However, it is a little concerning that this segment appeared on Fox & Friends. It is well-documented that Fox & Friends is President Donald Trump's favorite morning show, and he frequently tweets about the show and issues discussed on it. He's also a frequent guest on the program. So while this ridiculous segment will fall on deaf ears for most viewers, it could taint the president's opinion about cannabis. 

So if Trump sends out a tweet in the next 48 hours talking about the dangers of pot, we'll know what Fox News morning show to thank for that.

(h/t Esquire)


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