On New Year's Eve, CNN had one of their reporters go on a "canni-bus" in Denver, where people were celebrating the New Year by smoking marijuana. While most people thought this was just a silly moment in New Year's Eve coverage, one Fox News personality had a major problem with it.

Fox News Host Laura Ingraham is not a fan of marijuana. So, unsurprisingly, she had a major issue with CNN posting this video and promoting cannabis.

Of course, Ingraham's ridiculous tweet did not escape people's attention. Many roasted the Fox personality for her old-fashioned views:

Twitter / Account Suspended

And of course Ingraham didn't say anything about all the drinking being shown on New Year's Eve, even though drunk driving accidents and alcoholism kill far more people every year than marijuana. 

Let's just hope Trump didn't see this tweet, or he'll start pushing for a marijuana crackdown to start the new year.

(h/t Newsweek)