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What You Missed While Trump Took Over Your News Feed

Much as it pains me to say it, D****d T***p has been dominating the news cycle. The Soulless-Real-Estate-Goon-Turned-Fear-Exploiting-Demagogue-Who-Probably-Smells-Like-Asparagus-Pee made headlines last week by…you know what? You know exactly what he did. There's no point in me restating it. News outlets around the world have been attempting to make sense of The Great American Rage Turnip, to no avail.

So, instead of me regurgitating (and that is the right word) the facts about everyone's favorite Reality-TV-Boss-Turned-Orange-Voltron-of-Hate, I've compiled four stories that actually deserve your attention.

1. Climate change agreement reached in Paris

Climate change is real, and it needs to be addressed - just ask the cannabis industry. Thankfully, after 12 days of intense negotiations, nearly 200 nations agreed to a framework that will take real, decisive steps to preserve the well-being of our planet. It's not exactly glamorous, but it's a real, concrete step to address a huge problem.

2. Cannabis oil is finally legal in Canada

Last week, the very first legal shipment of cannabis oil in Canada rolled off the assembly line. This is tremendous news for patients who are unable to smoke and vape cannabis but need it to combat pain, anxiety, and a raft of other diseases. This is what happens when people who care deeply about a cause work hard to change the world in small, meaningful ways. Great work, everyone.

3. The new Star Wars movie is…good!

The review embargo has been lifted, and the consensus is that it's a winner. December 18th seems even further away, but you can keep watching the trailer 'til then. (Also worth noting - there's a Google Chrome extension for avoiding spoilers.) Proof that millions of dollars can be used to make a fun thing that you and your friends and family can enjoy over the holidays, instead of prolonging the presidential campaign of Darth Hairpiece.

4. Illinois takes its first steps to decriminalizing cannabis

Progress is a slow process, but every step counts. That's why it was so heartening to see Illinois state representative Kelly Cassidy (D) introduce a bill that would effectively decriminalize small amounts of cannabis. Roundly praised by several politicians and religious groups, the bill stands a good chance of becoming law.

h/t The Guardian


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