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Parents Are Paying Tutors to Teach Their Kids How to Play Fortnite

Parents hiring tutors to help them improve their english or math skills isn't anything new. But apparently in 2018 there's a new thing parents are hiring tutors to teach: video games.

The hottest trend among parents right now is to hire tutors to teach their kids how to play Fortnite. If you're over 30 and/or have absolutely no interest in video games, Fortnite is a free-to-play game where 100 players land on an island, grab guns, build forts and kill each other until there's only one person left. It's the hottest video game in the world right now with millions of people (mostly kids) playing the game, and tons of them watching other people play the game on popular streaming sites like YouTube and Twitch.

You'd think parents would discourage this behavior, but it seems they're encouraging. One website called Gamersensei has hundreds of available coaches for all sorts of video games, but right now Fortnite is their hottest product. Tutors charge anywhere between $10 and $25 to teach people (again, mostly kids) how to get better at the game.

While you'd think that playing video games would isolate children from the outside world, many parents are actually hiring tutors to help their child's social life. Since so many other kids their age are playing this game, there's a ton of pressure to play it as well. But if your kid sucks at the game and dies early on in the game, then his friends aren't going to want to play with him anymore and they'll stop inviting him to their group.

On the opposite side, if your child becomes a stud who racks up 10 kill games constantly and can win lots of games, then they'll become more popular in the group. It's like how the jocks are always the most popular kids in high school. But now instead of playing baseball or football, the jocks are sitting on their couch playing video games.

There are also more and more colleges offering scholarships for eSports, meaning competitive video games, and Fortnite is becoming one of the games where students can get scholarships for playing. That means hiring a tutor for Fortnite could pay off if your kid ends up getting a scholarship, although that's still pretty unlikely to happen.

Unfortunately, this whole tutoring thing means it's going to be even harder for me to get Victory Royales going forward!

(h/t Wall Street Journal)


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