Barry Grissom's tenure as a US Attorney for Kansas from 2010-2016 left him disillusioned about America's drug laws. 

"I soon became a true believer that enforcement of cannabis laws was immoral," Grissom revealed recently during his presentation as the keynote speaker at a conference held by the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association. He also encouraged voters to approve the state's upcoming ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana, which would make Missouri the 32nd country to allow medicinal cannabis use. 

And for anyone considering a run for office, the Grissom recommended jumping on legalization as a campaign issue. "[R]ide that horse," he said, nothing that voter support for marijuana reform has now reached 61 percent in the country.

Grissom added that he does not personally use cannabis, but he is in favor of legalization as a way to create jobs and prevent proceeds from the illegal cannabis trade from going to cartels and other criminals. Hopefully Missourians agree that it's time to cut the black market out of the state's cannabis industry.

H/T: The Kansas City Star