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Former Trump Advisor Follows Prison Stint with A Cannabis Company Board Position

After a 12-day stint in prison, George Papadopoulos - the man who served as the first advisor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign - has joined the board of C3 International, a pro-Trump cannabis company.

Papadopoulos pleaded guilty in October 2017 to lying to the FBI during Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe into Russian interference during Trump’s presidential campaign, and was subsequently given a 14 day sentence. He was released in December after 12 days, earning credit for the two days he spent in jail following his arrest.

Now, a month after his release, it was announced that he had been given an advisory position on C3 International’s board of directors.

On its official website, the California-based company bills itself as a manufacturer of a “concentrated cannabis extract,” intended as alternative to pain-relieving opiates and narcotics.

Company CEO Steele Smith is a self-described “conservative Republican,” who says that Papadopoulos will provide him with “access” to the political sphere, according to CNBC. While Smith admits that he is uneasy about Papadopoulous’ public image, he said that he has “shown that he’s not a shrinking violet or a weak individual. He’s got morals and values and character.”

While marijuana legalization tends to be an overwhelmingly Democratic policy, Smith says that the issue has the opportunity to “define what the new conservative looks like.”


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