Former NFL Star Tiki Barber Wants to Tackle Marijuana Prohibition

Tiki Barber is the latest NFL star to start playing the cannabis game.

The former New York Giants star running back says his investment firm - Grove Group Management - is ready to start investing in the legal cannabis market. As a former professional athlete, Barber says the sports world would have a lot to gain by embracing medical marijuana, but first, the federal government has to scrap cannabis prohibition across America.

"The more quickly we can get cannabis legalized federally, the better off athletes will be," Barber told CNN Business, adding that federal legalization is a "matter of inevitability."

Barber declined to name any of the businesses he plans to invest in, but he did share that Grove Group will be focusing on private companies as "cannabis stocks look a little overvalued right now." He said the firm is "in the midst of deals right now" and they should be announced within the next few months.

Beyond the advantages that medical marijuana could bring to athletes, Barber says he also sees the cannabis industry as as great economic opportunity for minority communities.

"We can help add jobs. It's good for small businesses, and that can provide an economic uplift," Barber said.

Barber's move comes just days after another former NFL star, Joe Montana, announced that his own investment firm would be following a similar trajectory.

Pressure has been mounting on the NFL and other professional sports leagues to change their restrictive marijuana policies. As more star athletes like Barber and Montana throw their support behind medical marijuana, the likelier it is that federal lawmakers will finally get onside with marijuana reform.


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