'We Must Move Ahead With Cannabis Legalization,' Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Tells World Leaders

Mexico's global cannabis summit is just over three months away, but former President Vicente Fox has already prepared his key talking point for the world leaders that will attend the event. "We must move head with legalization," Fox said yesterday on 'Real Time with Bill Maher.'

He added that America could help save lives in Mexico by legalizing marijuana and putting drug cartels out of business.

"Our problem in Mexico...[is that] the headquarters of crime and cartels are here in the United States," Fox explained. "And they are hiring Mexican cartels to bring in the drug from the south - from Colombia and Venezuela and from elsewhere."

Fox also stressed that marijuana sales will continue whether cannabis is legal or not, so lawmakers have to choose between doing business with a regulated industry or allowing crime lords to operate within their countries.

"You move that massive amount of money from criminals into government through paying taxes," he said. "This is the difference: sitting on your side with [El] Chapo Guzman, or sitting here with farmers and businessmen that are today running that new industry. This is the paradigm that we want to change in Mexico."

And he added a special message for President Trump and anyone else who thinks America can force Mexico to pay for a wall along the border between the two nations. "No fucking wall!" he told Maher.

Check out the full interview in these clips.


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