Former Detroit Lions Star Denied Entry into Michigan's Medical Marijuana Industry

Many NFL players are promoting the use of medical marijuana to help deal with injuries sustained during their careers, and as a result they're also looking to start businesses in the cannabis industry. But apparently their celebrity status will not help them in Michigan.

Former Detroit Lions football players Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims had their request to begin growing medical marijuana in Michigan denied on Friday. Johnson and Sims were two of the partners behind CRJJA Ventures, a company applying for four licenses in Michigan. The reason the state of Michigan denied their request is due to Johnson's history of...traffic violations.

Johnson had two speeding tickets in Atlanta that he recently resolved, as well as a few others in his history that include things such as driving without a license, failure to maintain a lane and seat belt violations. That was apparently enough for the state of Michigan to deny Johnson and his business their licenses. One of the board members said his history showed a “disrespect for the law.” 

CRJJA Ventures says they are going to appeal the decision, and an attorney for the business said Michigan's denial has no legal basis.

“This also shows that these decisions are to an extent arbitrary,” said attorney John Truscott. “The board isn’t following the law.”

It's also a pretty weird decision considering Johnson is one of the greatest players in Detroit Lions history. That seems like the kind of person that the state would want involved in their cannabis industry.

But everyone knows speeding is a gateway crime to drug smuggling, so the decision is understandable.

(h/t MLive)


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