How Did This Former Dell Exec Make A Car Out Of Cannabis?

The Renew Sportscar looks like your standard, cherry-red, curvy midlife crisis-mobile - but the vehicle, made by former Dell National Sales Manager Bruce Michael Dietzen, isn't made of run-of-the-mill fibreglass or steel.

Rather, the body of the car is made from "3 plies of woven hemp" weighing a total of approximately 100 pounds, Dietzen tells the New York Post, which "made it rigid enough to keep its shape."

Dietzen says the body of the car, manufactured, in Florida using hemp fabric imported from China, cost about $200,000 to build and is "ten times more dent resistant than steel." It runs on a bio fuel made from recycled agricultural waste.

He was inspired to found Renew by the cannabis car project Henry Ford, according to urban legend, undertook in the 1940s.

"It sets an example and it lets people know that we can make everything out of plants," says Dietzen. "We may not be able to pull up [to] our local gas stations right now and say, fill it up with hemp gasoline, because we have to wait for these fuel companies to catch up and start doing the right thing."

As for when we'll all be driving around in slick hemp sports cars, Dietzen says. "It's really a symbolic product right now, but as we go into the future we're going to see more and more companies realizing that what we have to do it start making things from plants if we're going to turn things around and start to reverse climate change."

Dietzen will be taking the car around the country as part of what he's dubbed the Hempsters Cannabis Car Sustainability Tour.

"If cannabis can be used all these different ways, we've got to accelerate the process of making it legal all across the country."


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