Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-CA) is the first state-elected official to smoke cannabis is public. During a recent fundraiser, Jones-Sawyer joined Grammy award-winner Melissa Etheridge in using a cannabis vape pen on stage.

The fundraiser took place last Thursday at The 11:11 in West Hollywood. While Etheridge spoke about cannabis as a means of severing dependencies to traditional medications, Jones-Sawyer addressed issues surrounding non-violent cannabis offenses and incarceration.

During their conversation, the California assemblyman admitted he hadn't used marijuana since 1979, so Etheridge had to show him how to use the new vape pens.

While politicians in California have a tendency to support cannabis use, this is the first time a state official in any part of the country has publicly consumed cannabis. A big move that will hopefully see more political figures following Jones-Sawyer's example to help in normalizing cannabis use.

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