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9 Football Players Who've Admitted to Using Marijuana

The Super Bowl is this weekend, which means 22 men will be bashing into each other for 60 minutes for millions of people’s amusement. And while only one team can win the game, everyone who plays will be feeling some negative effects once the game’s over.

Many have advocated for the NFL to allow players to use medical marijuana, but the league has resisted so far. But that hasn’t stopped some from doing so. Here’s a list of nine former NFL players who’ve admitted to using marijuana.

9. Ebenezer Ekuban

Ekuban played nine seasons in the NFL and underwent multiple surgeries on various parts of his body. After using several different drugs to help treat his pain, Ekuban finally discovered CBD and has used it ever since.

8. Nate Jackson

The former Denver Broncos tight end gave an interview to HBO’s Real Sports where he discussed how the game is so demanding on the body, and marijuana is one of the few things that can offer relief.

7. Eben Britton

Britton is one of the most candid players who used marijuana. He says he’s played three NFL games while high on cannabis, and said he not only played well but felt good afterwards.

6. Eugene Monroe

Monroe actually became the first active NFL player to call on the league to allow medical marijuana. He was cut three weeks later.

5. Kyle Turley

Turley has been very outspoken about how playing in the NFL led to a major painkiller addiction for him. He’s since kicked the addiction thanks to cannabis and has been a proponent ever since.

4. Jake Plummer

The former NFL quarterback is also one of the most outspoken players when it comes to allow CBD use in the league. He’s actually the one who helped introduce it to Eukban.

3. Chris Kluwe

The former NFL punter says he began using marijuana to help deal with pain after seeing what happened to players from the 1970’s and 1980’s who used pain killers.

2. Jim McMahon

The outspoken former quarterback for the Chicago Bears is a frequent proponent of marijuana use for NFL players. He’s even appeared at cannabis conventions to talk about how the drug has helped him in his post-playing days.

1. Ricky Williams

Williams was punished multiple times for using marijuana while in the NFL. But now that he’s out of the league, he’s worked hard to allow players the opportunity he never got. He’s even claimed that as many as 70 percent of NFL players already use cannabis.

(h/t Washington Post, Westword and NY Post for information)


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