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Football Player Denied NCAA Eligibility for Using Cannabis Oil to Treat Seizures

We know the NCAA and sports leagues have ridiculous policies against marijuana, but apparently those rules are even more outrageous when it comes to cannabis oil.

C.J. Harris was a high school senior who received a walk-on spot for Auburn University football team, one of the best in the country. Harris said it was his dream to play for a school like that, but his dream was shattered only a few weeks later when Auburn coaches told him he couldn't play on the team because of his use of cannabis oil.

Starting in his sophomore year of high school, Harris was diagnosed with epilepsy and had a series of severe seizures. After his 14th seizure, he was prescribed cannabis oil. Since that prescription, he's experienced zero epileptic episodes. 

But NCAA guidelines dictate that college athletes cannot have any THC, the compound in marijuana that gets you high, in their system. So even though the THC level in Harris' medication, which is about 0.03 percent, is not enough to get high or even experience anything like it, NCAA drug tests would still detect the THC and Harris would receive a suspension. 

Harris says he's currently looking at junior colleges and NAIA schools to attend next fall, while also talking to doctors about new medications he could take that would allow him to pass NCAA drug tests.

So the NCAA is not going allow a student to play sports because he's taking a medication that is saving his life? What a rational and well-thought out policy!

(h/t WGXA)


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