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4 Restaurants Offering Great Food and Cannabis Pairings

Gourmet food is more delicious paired with the right wine: imagine the mind-blowing deliciousness of an expert match-up of expertly-prepped food, and top-shelf cannabis. Here are four restaurants with food-and-weed pairings guaranteed to take your dining experience to new heights.

1. Hapa Sushi

Cannabis plus sushi: add a bike lane somewhere in there, and Colorado-based Hapa is the ultimate, hipster nirvana. Check out their pairing menu, which includes Pakistani Kush and spicy Pakalolo Shrimp, Sour OG and Honey Miso Salmon, and Platinum Cookies with new-style sashimi. Table placards poke gentle fun at the circular nature of stoned dinner conversations, and the menu soothingly informs diners that the restaurant is ergonomically designed to reduce paranoia.

2. Cheba Hut

Since 1998, Cheba Hut's been curing the munchies with 30 varieties of "toasted" sub sandwiches: 30 delicious, melty, cheesy creations including the Humboldt Country, with veggies and cheese, and the Midwest Best Club. "What really sets Cheba Hut apart, though," says the company on its site, "can only be experienced in our shops. We combine homegrown food with real people in a relaxed environment." Locations in Arizona, Colorado, California, Oregon, New Mexico and Wisconsin; most locations also offer craft beer bars with local brews.

3. Cultivating Spirits

Perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, and anniversaries, these high-end food, wine and cannabis tours feature world-class, local craft cannabis, fine wines, and a three-course gourmet meal at Cultivating Spirits' Eatery. Tour participants get chauffeured in an Escalade limo through the Colorado Rockies as they discover the finest marijuana strains. Founder Phillip Wolf tells Men's Journal he recommends pairing uplifting sativa with lighter fare like fish and vegetables - more calming indica, on the other hand, works better with heavier dishes like steak and comfort foods.

4. Mega Ill

Located in Vancouver, B.C., this pizza joint is owned by, and intended for, medical marijuana patients - a place to "feel good about the food you eat while having a safe place to relax and medicate." Mega Ill features unusual pies like El Luchador with pulled pork or chicken, or the margarita-like Plain Jane with basil, tomatoes and fresh parmesan. The offerings are, reportedly, delicious - with or without the addition of your favorite, special herb.

h/t Men's Journal


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