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Flowhub: Nipping Inventory Management Problems In The Bud

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Big Ideas

In 2014, Kyle Sherman made a significant career decision: to delve into the world of cannabis. Leaving behind a successful advertising career in Los Angeles, the long-time entrepreneur relocated his family to Denver, Colorado, the spot to eat, sleep, and breathe the real-time culture of the industry he was passionate to learn more about.

During his time at a commercial grow-op, Sherman realized the technology used to manage cannabis grow-ops and dispensaries was lagging behind. Compliance issues in daily operations were costing time, energy, and dollars, which he found stifling.

Enter Flowhub. Kyle teamed up with Chase Wiseman, co-founder and CFO, to develop a cannabis inventory management system that would revolutionize compliance for growers and dispensary owners. Inventory issues, server crashes, and confusion in navigating the daily operations would be a thing of the past. Excited to help businesses with the appetite for long-term industry growth, Flowhub uses their platform to connect with their customers, learn about their needs, and solve their issues.

The Opportunity

Flowhub works on the same cloud-based technology used by mega platforms like Twitter and Netflix. This protects their clients against data loss, and eliminates the need to resort to pen and paper to track inventory when servers crash. The system is built with simplicity in mind – there are no locked-in memberships, no random fees. Clients are simply provided with a hand-held scanning device called The Nug, a game-changer for employees who are moving around in the garden to track plant progress. Moving 500 plants from veg to flower – a process that used to take a full day – now takes 20 minutes. And it's simple enough that anyone can use it.

The hand-helds come with their own cellular data service, so WiFi isn't a problem. There's also a web app: Grow App, used by employees, administrators, and owners both inside and outside of the grow to track progress, and a view app, which is downloadable on iPhones. Business owners can use the apps to get quick stats on their grow with a click of a button, whether they're on- or off-site.

Changing the Game

The cannabis industry is fast-growing and fast-learning – it's time for this industry to leverage the right technology to gain advantages that other industries already realize. Flowhub delivers an exemplary user experience via trustworthy, easy-to-use software, and the peace of mind that they're just a phone call away (or a visit if you're in Denver).

What's Next

Flowhub has developed a Point-Of-Sale system, set to launch later this year. The details are yet to be revealed, but it is expected to help businesses inside and outside the space of cultivation, and will plug directly into Flowhub's existing systems. Applying their savvy software to a larger business base can only be a good thing. Stay tuned.

Visit Flowhub at to learn more.


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