Someone Donated Five Pounds of Marijuana to a Florida Thrift Shop

One thrift store in Florida received perhaps the best donation of all time, although they won't be able to use it.

Employees at a Sarasota, Florida thrift store arrived at work last week and found a tote bag with a brown paper bag inside left at their donation bin. The employees took the bag in side, and later that day an employee opened the brown paper bag to find four sealed plastic bags filled with marijuana inside.

The thrift store called the police who seized the marijuana. The donation weighed about 4.7 pounds, which means the package has a value around $5,400. The police said they are going to use surveillance in the area in an attempt to track down the mystery donator. 

I'd love to find out the full story behind this donation. Was this some kind of illegal drug deal where the guy left the package at the thrift store but his customer forgot to pick it up? Was it some guy who just thought it would be funny to leave marijuana at a thrift store? Or did some kind mix up his tote bags and instead of leaving the bag filled with his old shirts, he accidentally left the one filled with his cannabis stash?

Or perhaps this is just an elaborate ploy to drum up businesses for the thrift store. 

(h/t New York Post)


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