Florida Just Legalized Medical Marijuana

The Sunshine State just got a whole lot sunnier for medical marijuana activists. Florida voters have passed Amendment 2 - the medical marijuana legalization initiative, according to Politico. That means patients with cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, PTSD or other conditions will soon be able to legally use cannabis medicinally. 

This is Florida's second chance at legalization. A similar initiative was put before voters in 2014. And even though 57.6 percent of voters approved it, the campaign failed because, unlike other states, ballot initiatives in the Golden State have to gain at least 60 percent support to pass. But the "yes" vote has earned 70 percent of the vote as of 8:30PM ET. So patients and activists share a huge sigh of relief.

The successful campaign could also have ripple effects in other states. Right now, the South is one of the most inhospitable regions toward cannabis reform in America.

A handful of districts in Dixie allow patients to use CBD oil - a non-psychoactive cannabis extract - to treat a few medical conditions. But only Louisiana has legalized medical marijuana. Until tonight, that is.

With Florida bringing the total number of medical marijuana states up to 27, activists can now focus their efforts on other Southern states.


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