Never Mind 420: November May Be The Time For Celebration in Florida And Ohio

The Pennsylvania governor signed the bill today that makes medical marijuana legal in the state - making it the 24th one to do so. And two others may not be far behind, according to the latest polling data out of Florida and Ohio.

According to the Marijuana Business Daily, a Public Policy Polling survey last month found that 65 percent of Florida voters support the initiative, which will be on the ballot in November. Sixty percent is the threshold needed for the measure to pass.

In Ohio, the same polling organization found that 74 percent of voters support amending the state constitution to guarantee access to medical cannabis for the terminally and seriously ill - provided the measure gets on the November ballot. If it does, that 74% is a good sign, given it only needs 50% to be made law.

Naturally, the numbers will likely fluctuate in the coming months - and while it's great to see more than half of respondents in each state supporting legalization, the figures for Florida and Ohio are actually lower than the roughly 80% of Americans nationwide who polled in favour of legalizing cannabis for medical purposes.

Politicians starting to catch up with public opinion

"Politicians, who live and breathe polling numbers, are far from ignorant of the upward trend across the country when it comes to the growing acceptance of marijuana used for medical purposes," according to the Marijuana Business Daily. "The plant is much more popular than the vast majority of public officials, and politicos who ignore what's popular don't usually last long in office."

It certainly looks like Pennsylvania politicians made the right call. Ninety percent of poll respondents supported legalization of medical marijuana.

Check out the chart examining polling numbers in key states that could legalize medical cannabis in 2016, or read the MBD's full analysis here.


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