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Florida Is Adding 5,000 New Medical Marijuana Users Each Week

The state of Florida's had a bumpy start to their medical marijuana program, but recent signs point to a major boom coming for the industry.

The Florida Health Department's Office of Medical Marijuana Use reports that they're registering around 5,400 new cannabis users to their program each week. Right now, it's estimated around 91,000 Floridians are signed up for the state's medical marijuana program, but that will increase greatly over the course of the next few months.

Florida voters approved a medical marijuana initiative in 2016. However the state legislature implemented a series of tight regulations meant to stifle the industry, the most noteworthy being a ban on smoking cannabis. But it appears many of those obstacles have not slowed down the industry yet.

Experts also believe the industry will receive a major boost if a Florida appellate court upholds a ruling by a judge last month that ruled the state's ban on smoking marijuana to be unconstitutional. Many Floridians may be waiting for that ban to officially go away before jumping into the market.

There are still some road blocks to the industry becoming too successful. Patients need a recommendation from a doctor who has completed a course offered by the state on marijuana. Only 1,400 doctors in the state have completed such a course, and it may be difficult for some people to find a qualified physician to enter the program.

Nevertheless, it appears Florida's cannabis industry is finally starting to show some life.

(h/t Miami Herald)


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