Florida's First Medical Marijuana Shop Starts Delivering

It's a historic moment for the Sunshine State: Trulieve medical marijuana dispensary in Tallahassee is the first medical cannabis shop to receive authorization from Florida's Department of Health. The state's first dispensary is set to open its doors this week.

According to the site A1MMJ,  Trulieve is one of the first 6 organizations in the state that have been authorized to cultivate cannabis - and the only company authorized to deliver cannabis to patient's homes. Trulieve, which will be handling cannabis sales for Hackney Nursery in Gadsden County, made its first home delivery this week to a patient in Hudson, Florida, suffering from dystonia, a neurological movement disorder. 

In order to purchase cannabis at Trulieve, patients will need to have their doctor-authorized recommendation for medical cannabis.

“We are happy to announce that we have passed all inspections — from growing and processing to dispensing — and are the very first medical cannabis provider in the state to receive these formal authorizations. And we are most excited to get this much anticipated medicine to the patients of Florida,” Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers told WCTV. 

Trulieve will have low-THC products, intended to treat disorders like epilepsy, available for delivery right away. The intention is to phase in higher THC marijuana, which according to state law is intended for use by the terminally ill,  starting next month.

With the opening of its first dispensary, Florida joins 25 states that already have medical marijuana programs. 

Banner image: Tallahassee, Florida, USA downtown skyline, (Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com) 


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