Florida Medical Marijuana CEO Says He's Seen Tons of Opioid Addicts Are Switching to Marijuana

Many people argue that increasing access to legal marijuana will help people avoid dangerous opioids, and now the CEO of Florida's largest medical marijuana producer says that's 100 percent the case.

Kim Rivers, the CEO of Florida-based cannabis company Trulieve, went on Mad Money with Jim Cramer to discuss medical marijuana. She discussed how many of Trulieve's customers are people who are using marijuana to avoid taking dangerous opioids or other medications that come with tons of side effects and complications.

"We're seeing a huge transition," Rivers said. "That's actually one of our initiatives in front of the [Florida state] legislature this upcoming session, to introduce policies to say instead of only having opioids as an alternative, why not medical cannabis?"

Rivers noted that not only do patients of Trulieve tell them this information, but she also noted there are numerous studies showing states with legal marijuana have lower rates of opioid abuse.

Of course, most of this is not new information for cannabis advocates and enthusiasts. And several states are now allowing opioid addiction as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. And yet the Trump administration continues to argue that cannabis cannot be an alternative to opioids.

(h/t CNBC)


California may have been the first in the country to pioneer cannabis law reform, but the Golden State is still struggling to eliminate the black market and sell affordable, legal pot. In 1996, California voters passed Prop 215 to legalize medical marijuana. In the years immediately following its passage, medical cannabis was a small and largely unregulated affair.

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