Florida City Accidentally Sends Zombie Alert to Residents

Every once and awhile you probably receive an alert on your phone about a flood warning or some other type of bad weather heading to your area. But apparently if you live in Florida, those alerts also include warnings about the zombie apocalypse

The city of Lake Worth, Florida recently had a major power outage that affected many of their residents. As a result, the city sent out a warning about the outages. But in that warning, they also included a "zombie alert" as well. 

It must be quite alarming to look at your phone and find out there are only 7,000 people left in your town due to extreme zombie activity.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time the city of Lake Worth has to deal with zombie alerts. Starting last August with Hurricane Irma, the city realize that someone had gone into their public alerts system and changed them to include zombie-related messaging. The city had been able to stop the prank alerts from going out until now.

The Lake Worth electric utility system was set up to send out automatic alerts in the case of power outages, and apparently no one had caught the zombie prank inside their alerts until it was released over the weekend. The city says it's now removed all zombie-related warnings for their system.

Unfortunately, now Lake Worth citizens will assume it's a joke when the actual zombie apocalypse arrives.

(h/t Gizmodo)


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