Florida Cannabis Patients Struggling To Access State's Newly Expanded Program

Florida’s newly enhanced cannabis program is struggling to meet public demand, local media reports.

Following the state’s recent expansion of its list of illnesses that qualify for cannabis treatment, thousands of new patients have sought access to the program. In fact, the number of patients certified over the first three years of Florida’s program has almost doubled from 16,760 to more than 31,000 since June 7.

However, patients are finding it difficult to obtain both a doctor’s certification and the state-issued identification card required to make a cannabis order.  

Growing frustrations among both patients and doctors – who claim state-required training through a new course hasn’t even been set up yet – have led to concerns that the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana is simply completely overwhelmed.

“I’m not sure the state was prepared,” said Pete Sessa of the Florida Cannabis Coalition.

As it stands, the average patient in Florida waits 30 days after applying for a medical marijuana card – assuming everything goes smoothly.  

h/t Miami Herald


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