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These Five Strains Will Have You Flying High In The Bedroom

It’s no secret that cannabis can take your session in the sack to glorious new heights – in far more ways than one. The effects that different cannabis strains can have on your bedroom game have, in fact, been well documented, but picking the right strain to make the most out of your romantic romp (depending on what exactly you’re looking for) can prove tricky. To help you out, Civilized has rounded up five of the best strains for cultivating better coitus for everyone involved.

1. Grand Daddy Purple

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This potent indica is a no-brainer when it comes to amplifying the good vibes between the sheets. Users can expect feelings of contentment, euphoria and a positively wicked body buzz that heightens sense of touch (and, subsequently, gets you feeling extra frisky.) This strain is recommended for partners seeking a cozy bedroom climate featuring just a hint of the psychedelic.

2. Vanilla Kush

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If you’re looking to recreate the kind of slow, passionate lovemaking scenes that compel everyone to leave the room and get a snack during family movie night, this is the strain for you. This completely dominant indica (with a super-strong THC level of 20 percent) fosters deep, fully relaxed connections between partners; not to mention its sweet, strong scent that can act as both an aphrodisiac and a calming agent.

3. Bruce Banner

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Offering both an uplifting mental experience and a skin-tingling sensation with every touch between partners, this powerful sativa-leaning hybrid comes on strong and settles into a happy, dreamy buzz – the ideal combo for serious stress relief in the sack. Cannabis novices be warned, however: this high-THC content strain packs a real punch (quite like the strain’s namesake, The Incredible Hulk’s alter ego) meaning it could distract you from the deed if you don’t know what you’re getting into.

4. Goo

Described by many as the “go-to oral sex strain,” this 80 percent indica inspires both deep physical relaxation and a cerebral high that keeps you equal parts calm and focused on the task at hand. The limb-loosening effects of this comfortable high will make it easier for you to reach that almighty O with your partner, and don’t even get us started on that ultra comfy post-coital cuddle sesh.    

5. Sour Dream

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This energetic and uplifting hybrid is praised for its ability to soothe social anxiety, which is perfect if you’re looking to loosen up and shed some of those aggravating inhibitions before getting down and dirty. The offspring of Sour Diesel and Blue Dream, this sativa-dominant strain also has a stimulating quality that will keep you going all night.

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