Here Are The Top 6 Cocktails Named After Alaska

Given how cold the long winter nights get in Alaska, it's no surprise that the state has inspired so many cocktails to make you feel warm. Here are six drinks that are popular in or were inspired by the Last Frontier.

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1. Alaska

No one knows why this classic drink from the Savoy Cocktail Book is called Alaska. Maybe because the ingredients called for in the recipe -- 3/4 oz. gin, 1/4 oz. yellow chartreuse and a dash of orange bitters -- are as simple yet elegant as the state itself.

2. Nome

Named after the snowmachine-loving town in the state's Northwest region, the Nome is a variant of the Alaska cocktail that combines 2/3 oz. gin, 1/6 oz. yellow chartreuse and 1/6 oz. dry sherry.

3. Alaskan Iced Tea

This northern take on Long Island Iced Tea swaps out triple sec for blue curaçao, and ditches the cola in favor of lemon-lime soda. It's less boozy than its predecessor but still packs a lot of punch, so be sure to sip your Alaskan Iced Tea slowly.

4. Smoked Salmon Bloody Mary

The Last Frontier has also given the bloody mary a twist. For a truly Alaskan take on the classic cocktail, use the Alaska's Distillery's smoked salmon vodka -- which is distilled with glacier water and infused with the flavor of smoked salmon.

5. Alaska Gold Rush

For a shooter with an Alaskan flavor, throw half ounces of Seagram's Seven Crown whiskey, Stolichnaya vodka and Goldschlager into a shot glass and you've got an Alaska Gold Rush. A shooter that hits hard but leaves a pleasant aftertaste. 

6. Duck Fart

If the drinks so far have been too hoity-toity for your liking, check out the duck fart. A layered shot with Kahlúa on the bottom, Baileys in the middle and Canadian whisky on top. It might not have the word 'Alaska' in its name, but the shooter has left its mark on the state nonetheless.

"Juneau wouldn't even be called Juneau if it wasn't for the duck fart," according to 'Big Jay' -- the bartender at the city's famous Red Dog Saloon. "There were three founders of the city of Juneau: There was Chief Kowee, Richard Harris, Joe Juneau. And the town was called Harrisburg before it was called Juneau. Then one night -- long time ago -- the way the story goes is that Joe Juneau brought everyone in town into the Red Dog and offered them a dog fart in exchange for signing a petition to change the name of the town from Harrisburg to Juneau."

The saloon honors that night with a special bell, but don't ring it unless you want to pick up a hefty tab because whoever strikes it has to buy a round of duck farts for everyone in the bar. 

Here's a look inside the historic saloon.


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